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IODP Expedition 398

Hellenic Arc Volcanic Field

Daily Science Report for 1 February 2023

Location: Hole U1599C (proposed Site CSK-23A); 36°26.9389′N, 25°46.7762′E; water depth 592.7 m

Science Update: Cores U1599C-15R to 25R were retrieved from 348.8 to 455.5 mbsf. The average recovery for today’s cored interval is 52% (0%–96%). Following Core U1599C-25R, the drill string was pulled up to 55 mbsf. A free-fall funnel (FFF) was assembled and deployed at 2005 h, followed with the vibration isolated television (VIT). The bit cleared the FFF at 2117 h. The VIT was back on board at 2209 h, and the rig crew began disassembling the RCB BHA in preparation for APC operations at the next site.

Cores U1599C-14R to 25R were run through the whole-round physical properties track systems. Cores U1599C-13R to 25R were split and described. The cores consist of dolomitic marl, organic-rich marl, marl, tuff, organic-rich sandstone, and bioclastic marl. Microscopic analyses showed transparent glass, authigenic dolomite, and calcareous nannofossils.